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Kelso Foot Clinic is experienced in treating sports injuries to the foot, ankle or lower limb. Sports injuries in these areas are very common as a result of the high forces and repetition of movement involved.

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How do sports injuries occur?

Some sports injuries are the result of trauma: an awkward knee twist in a rugby tackle, a sprained ankle while hill running or a hockey ball injury to the foot. Other injuries are chronic in nature and occur due to the repetitive nature of an activity with insufficient healing time. This is particularly frequent in runners due to the “biomechanical overload” that arises from over-use of particular limb/muscle/ligament groups. again.

You may pick up an injury from any physical exercise or sport including running, rugby, hockey, football, dance, yoga, walking and tennis.

How can podiatry help with a sports injury?

At Kelso Foot Clinic, we use a range of examination techniques to diagnose a sports injury and create a treatment plan. We often suggest a biomechanical assessment for sports injuries as a starting point. Time and rest are usually key components of a sports injury treatment plan. However, alongside, we suggest mobilisation and manipulation techniques to improve the rate and quality of recovery.

What happens at my first appointment?

Matthew Aplin will use your first appointment to assess the injury and make some initial recommendations for treatment. At your follow-up appointment, we will discuss your progress and deliver appropriate treatment.

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